January 13, 2010

Indonesia Java international destination

Indonesia Java international destination – very interested to write about Indonesian tourism destination as a Javanese I like to promote my place as a international tourism destination, I live at central java, at central java have so many international destination, so with this post I just want to promote central java as a tourism destination that can be visited especially the Solo city because I live there.

Java have unique culture and also have beautiful place as international destination to spent your holiday time, besides that accommodation in Java is very adequate five star hotels everywhere very good means of transportation, neighborly residents, crime rates are low enough, and with that factor causes java as an international tourism destination.

Because I’m live at solo so with this post I want to write solo as Indonesia java international destination, City of Solo are modern city, but with alot of old district which built since early 1700. This city also known as the capital city of Java culture. We see many Java heritage as a town landscape in Solo.

The Java culture started from 12 century, spread respectively more than 700km away from Jawa Tengah (central Java) to eastern part of Java and ended at Madura and Bali.

Its easy to get in Solo. From Jakarta we have 3 way: by buses, flight, or train. I took train from Gambir station Jakarta and take 8 hours. The train are cool, very clean and nice, full airconditioning. If we take this, we dont need to worry to get sweat. Its VIP class. The train equipped also with restaurant, so we dont worry to get hungry along the trip

When you get in town, you better stay at Slamet Riyadi Str, This street located at the heart of the town. From here, you able to reach most of the some direction and other part of the city.

The city is mixed btween modern city and an old city scape. The history of Solo started since early 1700 and still remained until now. Its a heaven for photo enthusiast with old object as their main interest.

What i like stay here its a low cost of living. We can go to one travel spot to another by taking 'becak'. Speaking of becak, pronounced as 'bay-cak' , this is a traditional tricycle. The function of this tricycle just like a taxi. Becak carry people, and also another daily stuff. Its useful to use in a short range, and a non poluted vehicle. My friend told me, i never enjoy Solo if i dont take a ride with becak. And i did.

With only pay a cheap fare for short trip, i can go easily from one to other area. Becarefull the becak driver asked high fare just because you are a stranger or someone looks alike not as a locals. My tips, before take one, better asking about becak rate from your hotel guy.

Accommodations: Theres dozens hotels in Solo.

Some may vary with starting rate from $15 US (or Rp150,000) until $200 US per night. Pick one whatever suitable with money on your hand.

Nightlife: A few number of Cafe and Disco are available at some big 5 star Hotel here in the town
Hangouts: Most big hotel have a pub or cafe and karaoke. But if need to go clubbing and meet with local party goeser, try this spot: Legenda Discotheque at Pasar gede.

Restaurants: Café Saraswati at Novotel Hotel in Slamet Riyadi St.

Other recommendation about food. Java cuisine are sweet and some spicy. Its taste good and delicious. I encourage you to try some like 'Ayam Bakar' (chicken barbeque), 'Sate' (satay food) and 'Nasi Liwet' (riced food with unique aroma). For me, you are not really visit one region if you dont try the local food.

May be this article will give you more information about Indonesia Java international destination especially the Solo city

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Indonesia Java international destination
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